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 Custom laser engraving is now available on bulk orders of most nixie clock models. 

There is a flat $35 charge for engraving any number of clocks.  Please use the Contact link above to inquire about details.

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Stirling Engines - Run on the heat of your hand!

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Thank you for coming! My name is Peter Jensen, and this site features the nixie tube clocks that I design and build by hand. I love vintage electronics, where the parts are so big you can practically see the electrons moving around. Nixie tubes, with their simple clever design and warm neon glow, were mesmerizing to me. Around them, I wanted to make a beautifully engineered product, the way only something built by its designer can be. Seven years ago, I designed and started selling the retro-styled 4 tube clock you see in the upper right hand corner of this page. I have since designed other nixie clocks and kits, utilizing different tubes and enclosures, all with the same clean-lined modern aesthetic.

Ultimately, I want this site to pay homage to the art of engineering. It's not about the look, or about "Art," but instead about designing and building something so clean and simple and functional that it can't help but be beautiful. I'd like to encourage you all- artists, artisans, craftspeople, hobbyists and makers- to delve into the world of electronics and machining, and I'd like to see what you create.

Thank you again for visiting my site. Please e-mail me your questions, ideas or projects at the contact page.


Best Regards,

Peter Jensen
Peter J. Jensen, LLC